Inline Skating – Swizzle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Inline Skating instructor Krista Heubusch demonstrates how to swizzle when inline skating.

    Krista Heubusch: Hi, I am Krista with Skater's Quest and I am here to teach you the basics of inline skating. Rosemary will be demonstrating the Forward Swizzle. This is an excellent exercise for not only forward skating but also strengthening. There are three key stances to the forward swizzle. First of all you always want to start in that ready position. The first stance is what we called the V stance where your heels are together.

    Next you will apply pressure on to your inside edges into what we called the A- Frame Stance and lastly when you are linking your forward swizzle together you are going to pull those feet close together into the parallel stance. Those are the three key steps to the forward swizzle.

    That is the forward swizzle. Next, we will show you the Parallel Turn in inline skating.