Inside Dallas’ Eight Track Museum

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This unique museum immortalizes iconic bands of the 1960s and ’70s with an extensive collection of hard-to-find eight-track tapes and historic music memorabilia.

    Jacques Starr: When local music collector, Bucks Burnett, started collecting 8-track tapes, he never expected his collection to get this big. Bucks Burnett: What you are looking at the entirety of the museum is from my personal collection and this is all of it, this is the most of it, this is the best of it, but I have got a thousand more 8-tracks that I don't even have a room for. Jacques Starr: Bucks Burnett has been one of the most prominent collectors of Rock 'n' Roll history in Dallas. His Deep Ellum museum helps him share his passion for an American icon with other people. Bucks Burnett: So a lot of teenagers in the 60s were getting their first experience of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd on these cartridges, not LPs.

    Jacques Starr: 8-track tapes change the way that America listen to Rock 'n' Roll music.

    Jimmy Holcomb: I grew up listening to 8-tracks; they came along as the new thing. Bucks Burnett: Before the 8-track, you could only listen to radio in the car and then in 1965, they introduced the 8-track tape. All of a sudden you can take the Beatles' 'Rubber Soul' album, play it in the car instead of listening to the football game or whatever you didn't want to hear on the radio, you pop in an album. So people could start controlling what they listen to in cars, which now is taken completely for granted. In the mid 1960's that was nothing less than revolutionary. Jacques Starr: Visitors will also see the very first copy of 'Rolling Stone' magazine and other Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia. Bucks Burnett: We are located in the music and arts district, Deep Ellum, which has a very rich history of music going back for decades. We do not have regular hours currently, but if people google the 8-track museum, they are going to find my personal cell phone number and my email. People just call me and let me know when they want to see the museum and I try to accommodate them as best I can. Jacques Starr: Reporting from Deep Ellum, Texas, this is Jacques Starr.