Insider’s Guide to Flagler Beach, Florida

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Flagler Beach, Fl is becoming a popular destination for those looking for that quiet small beach town experience and boasts more than 6 miles of beautiful beaches.

    Janice Jones: Old school, funky, laid back, Mayberry bury on the beach. If this is the old Florida you are looking for cruise to Flagler Beach, a retro with salty style. Georgia Turner: You come here and you get this instant fleeing of awe.

    Janice Jones: Build as the quite side of Florida this noticeably uncrowned beach lulls visitors with its graceful views. Georgia Turner: I think the first thing that really surprises people is how you can actually see the beach and the waves. Janice Jones: The city of Flagler beach is built along a peaceful 6 mile stretch of A1A all which offers free access to the beach. Georgia Turner: It's just a great place to relax.

    Janice Jones: I recommend starting your visit early with a hot cup of a Joe and a grilled muffin from Java Joint. If you watch the rolling waves you are likely to be drawn to the surf.

    Dan Sullivan: The way our sand bars are set up it's a very mellow wave, a lot easier to learn on. Janice Jones: Sully is one of those folks drawn here by the waves. He owns a local surf shop known for its friendliness.

    Dan Sullivan: It's easy, come in, you rent the board, you go out. There is always going to be somebody close by that will give you a couple of pointers. Janice Jones: Flagler's classic fishing peer anchors the town's best surfing spot calls to the fishing crowd and symbolizes the town's old school style.

    It's easy here and everything is located within just a few blocks of the ocean including the Flagler Beach Museum where you can stop by and find out about a historic walking tour. This is one of the tastiest lunch spots in town named after the owners' beloved dog. Barbara Ebberup: We had a Dalmatian and she loved to go swimming in the ocean and she come out and give you kisses. So she was all salty. Janice Jones: Thus the Salty Dog Lunch Spot. It's located right on the central square, but your nose may find it first.

    Barbara Ebberup: These guy looking around and go where are those smell coming from, and they pop their head and go, what are you cooking in there.

    Janice Jones: It maybe the day's bread dough rising, award winning soup of the stove or banana peppers being grilled for the favorite Sicilian sub, Flagler's generous offering of restaurants come with plenty of outdoor seating. Beside historical sides, sidewalk strolling offers art galleries and boutique shopping, a comic book store even fulfils that retro feel of Flagler. Located in North East Florida between Jacksonville and Daytona, Flagler beach is truly an easy place to getaway. Georgia Turner: It's the ultimate beach town January through December. Janice Jones: Discovering Florida's best beaches I am Janice Jones.