Insider’s Guide to Pensacola’s Gallery Night

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gallery night happens seven times a year, always on a Friday, and it’s more than just a festive block party. Explore the local galleries and business featuring dozens of local artists, hear live music and taste incredible local cuisine.

    Brent Lane: Hey it's Brent Lane in Downtown Pensacola, Florida and tonight it's Gallery Night and the people, they are coming out.

    Gallery Night happens seven times a year, always on a Friday and it's more than just a festive walk party. It's about taking your time to explore the local galleries and business featuring dozens of local artists, you can hear live music and you can taste incredible local cuisine.

    Everything is in walking distances. Many other streets are close to enhance the gallery night experience for pedestrians in galleries. Buck Mitchell: In old days Gallery Night used to be you would go in the galleries and you know have a glass of wine with the curator and look at art. In the recent years it's really become a fun, fun street party in Downtown Pensacola.

    Brent Lane: Surprising to no one, this is toward Downtown district of Pensacola has been one of the Gulf Coast premier entertainment destinations since 1967. Youve got fantastic art, live music, incredible and delicious food and an incredible thirst for night life.

    Hilary Gilles: The Gallery Night has grown quit a bit and were one of the most popular events in Downtown, Pensacola and we can expect anywhere between 15 and 18 thousand people on a Gallery Night.

    Buck Mitchell: Well be going all that along, all different mediums, all photography, clay, ceramics, oils, paints, water colors; a lot great talent will be right here in the streets in middle of Pensacola.

    Brent Lane: If you want to start your night eating seafood you have plenty choices with the Fish House, Atlas Oyster House, youre bound to eat some good seafood. Looking for something a little more upscale, Jacksons Steakhouse will not disappoint with its spectacular wait staff, great wine and undeniably the best steak around.

    If you are looking for great food and great beer with over 200 beers to choose from, Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen and Taproom is the place to go.

    Brent Lane: For live music there is no better place then Vinyl Music Hall to see the best bands around. Close by youve got Seville Quarter where youll find Rosie O' Grady's warehouse, a sometime ago beer and peanut saloon that featured Dixieland jazz in good old times.

    Today, the venue includes six rooms in addition to the original Rosie O' Grady's, each with its own theme and atmosphere as well as an outdoor concert band. And for those late night hunger pangs, dont miss out on Al Fresco, a collection of mouth watering food trucks. From Pensacola, Florida I am Brent Lane.