Insider’s Guide to Riviera Beach, Florida

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Check out all that Riviera Beach has to offer and spend the day at the beach!

    Female Speaker: There are 825 miles of beaches in Florida including Riviera Beach, minutes north of Palm Beach International Airport.

    Activities in Riviera Beach are endless and bound to please everyone. Start with City Beach, one of the finest in the Sunshine State. Get in the water, the deep water. Experience the finest scuba diving Florida offers with Pura Vida Divers. In the Gulf Stream you will encounter lush coral reefs and exciting wrecks inhabited by thousands of colorful reef fish, turtles, rays, eels, and sharks. If you prefer to be on water and not in it, try paddle boarding on Singer Island. Choose a tour or rent a board and go exploring yourself. Vacationing with the kids, Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures offers a 65-minute adventure cruise a board of pirate ship.

    Kids become the crew, learn the pirate lingo, chase pirates, find treasure and even man the water cannons.

    Female Speaker: Riviera Beach is wonderful, we have been here several times and it's been wonderful. So we are coming back again I am sure.

    Female Speaker: If fishing is your thing, catch a ride with Right Hook Charters, their captains are experienced in a number of different fishing methods including drift fishing, trolling, kite fishing with live bait and overnight swordfishing.

    Male Speaker: Right Hook, it's my favorite boat in Riviera Beach, you want to catch fish, come here.

    Female Speaker: Hungry yet, at Two Drunken Goats you will experience a Beach Front Cantina with a friendly formal atmosphere of perfect to wine down, have a drink and enjoy great food with a world class view.

    This is Riviera Beach!