Inspirational Wedding Favor Ideas on a Budget

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates wedding favor ideas for when you’re on a budget.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford. I am a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I have been stamping for 12 years. This video title is how to create wedding invitations on a budget, and in this segment I am going to show you some different ideas on how to create wedding favors. Favors that you can use for bridal showers and weddings. It's really great if you get a personalized stamp or get some personalized information on your favors. So right now what I am going to do is show you how you can use the stamp or the computer to create a little tag, just to embellish your favors.

    I am going to go ahead and slide that right inside to this little punch here upside down and what it does is it creates like a little pinnate at the end and then I am just going to, oh move it again and then I am just going to punch it. Add another hole here on the side, I use some other ribbon, that's working with this favor that I made at the previous segment, just to finish that off and then you can tie it around to one of those handles or both of those, whatever you want. And then this will create a little bit of a personalization and so when the person goes home, they can say oh yeah, we had such a great time at Kate Lyon and Robert's wedding and look what I brought back, some great chocolates and some cute little bubbles and so you just snip that off.

    So that's an idea how to just personalize that. Also some great ideas and it's a little bit of a show and tell here and I can show you some samples that different friends of mine made and you can go ahead and take a card and fold it in half, leaving about an inch in between, so it actually stands up at everybody's plate. And then when you open that up, you can put anything inside there you want, you can put some more chocolate inside there. This one when you open it up has another little piece of designer paper inside and then some tea. Cute if you wanted to do a shower and then little bridal shower and everyone can go home with a little tea. You can also put guest certificates in there, if you want to give a guest -- for everybody that attended your shower. Some other ideas would include actually making a jar. This might be a little bit more expensive, but if you get these jars at Target or Wal-Mart then you can fill them with different things and my friend Jean made this one. She went ahead and put some sea grass inside, which is just beautiful to look at and then she embellish it with some ribbon and then some pretty stamped sea shells. Here is another idea that you can use, make a little tiny fold and then stick a Hershey's kiss inside. This is definitely a favor on the budget, but again everybody will look at this and just smile because it's so cute and a lot of people like chocolate. Making different kind of bags, like the one that I just made and this one here can show you, how you can just brighten up and even create center pieces. This would make a beautiful center piece as well. But if you wanted to do some that's going to be a little bit more useful for the years to come, here are the big memo pack and I don't know it will take me little a long time to go through this, but you can get these at a lot of stationary stores. You can look online, Google search memo cubes. You can even take one that's this large and decide that you are going to fold it in half, tear it apart to make two favors out of one. If you want to go ahead and put some pretty stamps and embellishments on there, to make it pretty for the different decorations of the wedding, the different color schemes that they have or at the shower, then you can go ahead and do that. So with these color schemes here working with like a dark green and if you want to stamp on the memo cube, you just really want to make sure that the papers are together, hold it really tight. Next I am going to take a fern leaf stamp, just ink that up and then stamp that right there, give it some even pressure, and then let it go and then you have that right there. It even look like I did but it is, on the side of a memo cube. So after you decorate it all the way around, you can go ahead and personalize the top of this memo cube. You can put it in a cello bag and you can wrap it around with a nice little tag, even a personalized tag and it's a great personalized favor. So when the person goes home with the favor, they will enjoy it and remember where they got it from and you will have so much fun creating these great favors on a budget. Next, I would like to show you and share with you some great ideas for wedding thank you notes, which are always appreciated and very much appropriate. Thank