Installation And Servicing Tools For Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls discusses the basic installation and servicing tools for tire pressure monitoring systems.

    Tyson Boyer: Hi! I am Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls. Today, I'm going to discuss the proper installation and servicing tools needed for tyre pressure monitoring systems.

    It is critical that you use the proper tools designed to accurately torque, demount or install a new service kit or tyre pressure sensor on a vehicle. If you do not use the proper tools, then you risk breaking or causing damage to a sensor or service kit component.

    Look for quality, Professional great torque tools that give you the piece of mind needed, when servicing or replacing tyre pressure monitoring sensors or valve stems. Most tool kits come with the following tools.

    The Grommet Tool, ergonomically designed to remove and install rubber grommets with ease. The Torque Wrench, ranging from 20-200 inch pounds. Drive Sockets, 11 and 12 millimeter deep well sockets. The Valve Core Torque Tool, to ensure proper installation and torque of the valve core each and every time. Torque Screw Drivers, T10 set at 12.

    5 inch pounds and T20 set at 35 inch pounds to properly attach the sensor to the valve stem.

    The Valve Holding Tool, allows you to hold a TPMS valve in place on many European applications during installations or removal. The 3-Way Fishing Tool, This tool is primarily used to hold the sensor in a secure position, when dismounting the tyre so that sensor doesn't get damaged. This tool also aids entire deflation and valve core removal.

    The 4-Way Hex Nut Tool, allows you to quickly remove hex nuts both 11 and 12 millimeter. This tool can also be used to seat a new ceiling grommet on the valve stem.

    Remember, using inadequate tools to perform service on tire pressure monitoring system may cause premature wear, loss of functionality or broken components.