Installing a New Dimmer Switch

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Steve McCurdy demonstrates how to install a new dimmer switch.

    Steve McCurdy: Hi, I'm Steve McCurdy with Leviton Manufacturing and I'm here today to tell you how to install a dimmer. Now, I've removed the existing switch and I've actually turned the breaker back on, to verify which is the hot link and which is the load. So I double check and I've determined that this is my hot conductor. Now I'm going to go back, I'm going to shut off the breaker and install my new dimmer. Now on the new dimmer, there are a couple of terminals here, we discussed earlier. There's a black terminal which is for the power and there's red terminal for the load, there's also a green terminal for the ground. Now the first thing we are going to do is, we're actually going to install the ground terminal and to do that, I'm going to take my ground conductor. Now, it had a loop in it before because it was wrapped around the screw of the old switch. I'm just going to straighten that out with my pliers, so that I can insert it, cleanly and neatly in the back of the dimmer. Now in these, Leviton dimmers, there are slots that accept the conductors and make it very easy and quick for an install. Next I'm going to install the load wire which is this conductor that I verified it earlier. Now finally, the power conductor which is the black terminal in the power conductor. Now before I put the dimmer back in the wall, I want to make sure that it is in the proper upright position. So in this case, we have do it in the upright position, I'm going to gently put the conductors back in the box and then screw the dimmer into the wall. Next I'll screw the terminals back into the junction box. Now I've turned the circuit breaker back on and now we're going to test our dimmer and we have dimming. Now all we have to do is install the wall plate and we're done. Now next, we're going to go and install a three way dimmer.