Installing Lights to the Grapevine Garland

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Interior designer Joe Waroquier demonstrates how to install lights into the garland.

    Hi, I am Joe from Sage. Now, we are installing the lights into our ceiling lighting fixture in our screened in porch that we are turning into a great outdoor living space. So, to help secure the lights into the garland, it's nice to have a little bit of floral wire. You dont need a full piece of floral wire. So, I encourage you just to cut your floral wire into thirds. Once you have that done, make sure your scissors are closed as you dont want to get cut.

    So, now using our floral wire, we want to manipulate the lighting up into the garland. So, you want to make sure that your lighting fixtures are securely fastened onto the grapevine garland or any other secure areas that you might have up here. One of the nice things about having the several different elements on here is that there are several places for you to tie on to. You can use foliage to help high wires and create nice lighting effects as you can see through different parts of the ivy different shades of light are coming out and continuing on, you want to fasten all the way up.

    Mind you, you want to mind where your female connector is before the male receptacle when it's time to continue on with your lighting. In this case, I am taking the lights up to the higher parts of the room to create a nice ambiance, so there's not just lower lighting or higher lighting; it's all around the room. Like so, and then well continue on with our strand but before doing so, I want you to make sure that your lights are secure and that you can see them from your angles. Whats nice about this particular project is the beautiful copper coming through, there's another sense of accessory as opposed to eyesore. So now that we have our garland installed, our ivy installed, and now our lighting installed, let's put a little finishing touch on by installing curly willow.