Installing Storm Windows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Eric Huber of Blaine Window Repair explains how to install storm windows over your prime windows.
    Eric Huber: Hi, I am Eric Huber with Blaine Window Repair Service. Today, we are doing window repair. Now I am going to show you how to install a storm window.A storm window is an additional window on the exterior of your prime window. To install that, on a wood double hung there is an in-lace that runs the length of the window on both the sides. You would set the storm window up into that opening. Once you have the window set up into the opening, we need to screw it the hinge plates. You would typically put about three screws on each side of the window. After the storm window is installed, now we need to cork the inside. Before you cork the window, it's always best to check the operation of the storm window. To move the panels, you squeeze the finger latches in we have on each side and lower your panel. So what this window does, it takes your all the single pane window, in a sense helps with energy savings and some noise control.This window is also equipped with a screen. When you cock the window, you want to make sure that you can use a paintable, light text type of cork, not silicon. On the bottom, it is very important that you do not cork up the weep holes. If you trap the water inside, the water would set in here and run off the seal. When you are corking the bottom, bring it over and stop at your weak point.After you get on the other side of your weep hold, you continue your cork line till you get to the weep on the other side, stop, go past, then continue to the corner. No need to cock both sides in the top. It means the panels are in their upright position we are going to cork the lower first. I start up in the corner and bring it down to the bottom. After you have the bottom close the bottom sash and open up the top. Once you get in here, you can see where you left off. Continue the cork line up to the top. After the top is sealed, we can go up to top head of the opposite side. After the window is culled, the excess cull could be cleaned up with paper towel and water. Now we have our storm window installed. Now I am going to show you a few tips to care for and maintain your windows.