Intermediate Pilates – Roll-Up into Rolling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pilates expert Dori Markakos demonstrates how to do pilates and roll-up into rolling in an intermediate pilates workout.

    Dori Markakos

    Dori is an experienced fitness professional whose love of fitness began in grade school with her love of dance and ballet. She’s danced classical ballet since she was 5. As her interest in fitness grew, she began experimenting with all varieties of group fitness and weight lifting. Dori went the practical route to college and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce, but not before receiving her fitness instructor certification in her spare time. After college, Dori went to work for Environmental Design & Construction, LLC (EDC) where she is presently the Controller. In this position, Dori serves as the company’s chief business officer. But, Dori’s heart is in the field of fitness. Dori maintains her certifications and puts them to work as a personal trainer, spinning and Pilates (mat and reformer) instructor. As part of her career development, Dori also received specialty training in pre and post natal fitness, with a specialization in pre/post natal Pilates. Dori currently works with clients as Pilates instructor, while keeping up with her own workouts. She’s run multiple marathons and is an accomplished triathlete having run numerous triathlons as well having completed the Ironman Triathlon. Dori resides in Arlington, Virginia with her husband Peter and daughter Mia.

    Dorrie: Hi I'm Dori, and welcome to intermediate pilates. Today we are going to go ahead and get started with rolling up, going right into rolling. So go ahead and sit yourself right in middle of your pilates mat, your feet lined up, hands grabbing right beneath your hamstring, just take a big deep breath in, make your spine nice and long and tall, drop your shoulders, take your chin to your chest as you exhale, I want you to round out your spine, releasing each vertebra one at a time, releasing those legs nice and long on the mat and having both hands raised straight up above your head. As you take a big deep breath in, I want you to look straight up to keep your spine in neutral, inhale and exhale, rotate those hips to a nice pelvic tilt, make sure your feet are released. So make sure if you have any tension there, you can just shake them out and point flex your toes a couple of times and just release your feet so they are not pointed or flexed they are just sort of engaged or hanging out. The next big deep breath in, I want you to inhale and then exhale, release those shoulders, make sure those hips are rotated under to a nice pelvic tilt, you are going to slowly bring both arms straight up over your head, once your chin tucks into your chest, your eyes are going to be right there on your navel, keep those feet nice and long, heels connected with the floor and slowly bring those hands past your toes, again you want to keep looking straight down at the mat to keep your spine in neutral, drop your shoulders, inhale and exhale. Navel comes into the spine and slowly release your vertebra one at a time, bring you right back to neutral. Again these heels got to stay connected with the floor for the entire time, one vertebra at a time, hands reach up, inhale and exhale, torso tilted again.

    Slowly pull those hands up one at a time. Once those hands come into your vision you are going to tuck your chin to your chest, eyes around your navel, again rolling up through the vertebra, slowing reaching, rolling past those toes, inhale and exhale, and roll your spine again, one at a time, all the way down, take deep breath in, inhale and exhale, hips rotate under, abs are contracted, slowly tilt both arms up, chin tucks to the chest, eyes are on the navel, rolling up through the spine reaching past those toes, inhale and exhale drop the shoulders, keep those heels connected as you unroll, one vertebra at a time, and last time, inhale and exhale torso tilt, abs stay engaged slowly pull both arms up, chin tucks to the chest, eyes are on the navel rolling up nice and easy reaching past those toes, and slowly unroll your vertebra so, you are sitting up nice and tall, shoulders are released, let's go ahead and move on to rolling like a ball in our pilates workout.