International Travel – How to Stay in Touch While you’re Gone

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA travel expert Betsy Sell discusses how to stay in touch while traveling.

    Betsy Sell : Hi! I am Betsy Sell with AAA Travel. Today, we are discussing the basics of International Travel. Now I would like to share with you some tips on, how to stay in touch, while you are gone. In our busy and frequently hectic life, leisure travel is an opportunity to unwind relax and renew our energies. Too often however, travelers began their trip overly tired or stressed. Here, are a few things to take care of before you leave that will help you enjoy your vacation time.

    Make arrangements for pets, children or other responsibilities as far in advance as possible. If you are employed, ask for a little time before and at the end of your trip. So you do not have to make a hurry departure or return to the workplace. Start packing for your trip several days in advance, so you can carefully and leisurely consider exactly what you need and have time to find or purchase anything extra your might think off. And remember leave the kitchen sink at home.

    Try not to schedule any important task, some major activities for you, when you return. The approaching event could be tracked from your travels. Ask a friend or a family member to check on your home and pick up your mail, while you are away or submit a request to hold mail at the local post office before you go. And remember stop delivery of your newspaper as well.

    Unfortunately, many of us do need to stay at least, some what connected when traveling and now I would like to discuss with you tips on how to do that.

    First, be sure, friends and family have your travel schedule and know how to contact you in an emergency. Be sure to include, all international dialing codes. If you are traveling with a group or an escorted tour, include contact info for the company arranging the travel. They will have your current travel plans at all times, if there are last minute changes made to the itinerary. They may also be able to assist your friends and family with any language barriers that may experience trying to get a hold of you.

    Call your cellphone provider and confirm what if anything you need to do to use your phone outside of US. You may need to enroll an International plan. And if you are using your own cellphone, find out all fees for using your phone out of the country, in addition to per minute calling rates. Make sure you know how to dial the US out of the country, you dial +1 for the US, + area code and the phone number. Now one of the cheapest way is to stay in touch is email. Check if your hotel has a business center you can use or the concierge should be able to tell you the nearest location with internet access. Hotels may have internet access in each room. But bringing a laptop may be more trouble than it's worth. Be sure to check fees for accessing the internet from your room.

    If you have a PDA, that you plan to use, also call the provider to ask, if it can be used overseas and any fees that may be charged. Calling cards can be very handy, but be sure they are valid for an international phone access or as an other alternative you have might consider renting a worldwide phone.

    On a personal note sending post cards seems to be a dying form of communication in the electronic world we live in today. But there is still a friend to receive. Be sure to take the addresses for family and friends and send them a written update on how the trip is going. They are sure to get a kick out of receiving personal mail and the postcard graphics or photos provide a nice keep safe memory.

    So that's the basics of keeping in touch while you travel out of the country. Thank you for joining us to discuss International Travel.