International Travel – Travel Insurance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA travel expert Betsy Sell discusses the benefits of travel insurance.

    Betsy Sell: Hello! I am Betsy Sell from AAA Travel, and today we are discussing the basics of international travel. Let's discuss an important component of any international trip, Travel Insurance.

    Consider the cost of travel as an investment that needs to be protected against unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance and trip interruption coverage gives you peace of mind in case a problem occurs, like a cancel flight due to serious illness by you, or a family member; an accident or other circumstance that force a traveler to cancel up coming trips or interrupt travel plans.

    In general, travel insurance and trip interruption insurance cover cancellation penalties, additional expenses caused by trip delays, and some medical costs out of pocket expenses related to lost or delayed baggage.

    Travel insurance and trip interruption insurance protect from two main financial losses: The cost of non refundable travel arrangements, and medical expenses that may not be covered by your health insurance. Insurance coverage differs by company and type of insurance, but some circumstances that may be covered include: Refund for all prepaid nonrefundable expenses including, deposits and sometimes the entire cost of the trip, if you cancel before your departure day; reimbursement of non refundable unused payments, if you must interrupt your trip due to a covered reason; and reimbursement for accommodations and expenses due to travel delays.

    Complains of plans also cover medical expenses and emergency transportation to nearest adequate medical facility, emergency evacuation, and transportation assistance. The plan may also cover financial default by the travel provider, and it may covers acts of terrorism. Cost of travel protection policies vary based on the value of the trip, type of coverage, and age of traveler. Your travel agent can help select a plan that is right for you.

    Now what else dose travel insurance offer? World wide assistance, lost baggage search and luggage replacement, lost passport travel documents assistance, an emergency contact hotline that is available 24/7 for assistance to change plans, and emergency cash transfers, urgent message relay to friends and family, legal referrals and medical/dental referrals as well.

    Travel insurance and trip interruption coverage is available from two sources: Travel insurance providers and direct from travel providers like, tour companies and cruise lines. Your travel agent can supply you with information on options and costs.

    Remember the cost of travel is an investment that needs to be protected. Travel smart by Travel and Trip Interruption Insurance.

    So that's the basics of travel insurance. Next we will talk to you about the differences between Escorted and Independent Travel.