Introduction to Bollywood Dance Basics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kajal Mehta, Managing Director of Dhoonya Dance, describes the fundamentals of performing your own Bollywood routine.

    Hi! I'm the Managing Director of Dhoonya Dance. Through this series Bollywood dance basics, you will learn the choreography to the song Desi Girl from the film Dostana. In the first two segments of the video we will break down the verse. So that you can learn the steps that go along with those words and in the second part we will go through the chorus. Please keep in mind that while this dance is choreographed for the song there are many steps that you use to any Bollywood song of your choice.

    I will make sure the point out the basic foundation of steps so that you know what steps you can do it any song of your choice. Before we began make sure that you have done a warm up and some stretches. While these steps are very vigorous you may be using some muscles that you have never used before or haven't used in a while. We now hold classes in DC, Virginia, Maryland New York City and even online at Dhoonya Dance. The DC and New York areas premiere Bollywood style dance school and Performance Company. So let's start learning the choreography to the first part of the verse. We are going to start with basic hip movements that can be used at any song and just add in little flavor with our hands to make it specific to this particular song.