Introduction to Dog Training

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dog Training Expert Enrico Cross provides an introduction to dog training.

    Enrico Cross

    Enrico's lifelong passion has been training dogs and their people. He adopted and obedience- trained his first dog at the age of 14, and has had more than 47 years of experience training, breeding, and handling dogs of many breeds. An expert trainer and handler, Enrico is also a formally trained and clinically experienced veterinary technician, an expert on canine nutrition, and an experienced educator, communicator, and public speaker.

    Hello, my name is Enrico Cross. I am the owner and trainer Take the Lead Dog Training in Taneytown, Maryland. Today, what we are going to be showing you is basic obedience for dogs. The thing is that we are going to be showing you to do today with you dog is teach a how to come when called, sit when told, down when told and also to off when told, meaning stop the dog from jumping up on you. Some of the materials that we are going to using today is a lead, a training collar or pinch collar and a flag collar and of course, food. Always, you have to have a dog that s ready to work, so a hungry dog and that will work this.

    Before we get started let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Enrico Cross and I am the owner and trainer of Take the Lead Dog Training. I have been training dog for 38 years. I am also a trained animal health technician which I started when I was in Air Force. I was responsible for doing the physical and military work in dogs in the Air Force. For the last three years I have owned my own business in dog training and I specialize in control of the dog and also working with aggressive dogs and people that have dogs with aggressive issues towards people or dogs or both. So, let s get start with the first step in this training which is come and sit.