Is age a factor in getting pregnant?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. John Schmitt discusses the role of age in getting pregnant.
    Host: Is age a factor in getting pregnant? Dr. John Schmitt: Yes, age is a factor, but luckily, the age related fertility is very, very gradual. I think people nowadays that are delaying childbearing many times into their 30s or even early 40s really worry about that and if you look at the statistics on that there is a very slow decline in fertility that occurs from about 18-20 years of age onward. That doesn't become really marked until well into your 40s and so I think yes, it is harder the older you get but it by no stretch of imagination is it impossible and it certainly does happen but that should not put undue pressure on you to hurry up and do it and all that.