Is an ethanol-burning car a good option?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses if an Ethanol burning car a good option.

    Host: Is an Ethanol burning car a good option?

    David Rizzo: Not really, it's only good if you interested in what's good for the environment, but if you are interested in what's good for gas mileage I wouldn't burn Ethanol. The trouble is ethanol 1.

    48, about 1.

    5 gallons of Ethanol equals the energy content of just 1 gallon of gasoline. So in effect it takes 30% more Ethanol to get the same power that you get out of plain old regular gasoline. So in a way you are burning more to get the same speed and everything. So no, Ethanol is not a good option for gas mileage, good for the environment? Yes, but not a good for gas mileage. Also don't use Ethanol in your car like E-85, which is 85% Ethanol-15% gas, don't use that in your car unless your car is designed for it because that Ethanol will just dissolve all the accumulated solids in your tank and in your hoses and put it right in to your fuel injectors, bad idea. You can get away with 10% Ethanol in a regular car but no more than that.