Is blue chip experience necessary?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses if blue chip experience necessary.

    Host: Is blue chip experience necessary?

    David Petersam: Blue chip experience is not necessary at all. Sometimes it's actually easier for an applicant to differentiate him or herself, if they did not work at that big blue chip company. Often times what happens with smaller companies or lesser known companies, they have -- they still have very high hiring standards and you can advance little bit more quickly. You can take on a lot more responsibilities on an earlier point and you have greater opportunities to show a lot of times. So the answer is, is nothing wrong with blue chip experience but it is a no way, shape or form a prerequisite or advantage on the admission process. Each year we work with well over 1000 MBA applicants, we have yet to see were people with blue chip experience have any type of statistical advantage in the outcomes of their application decisions.