Is compatibility important in marriage?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way discusses the importance of compatibility between partners.

    Host: Is compatibility important in marriage?

    Bill Cochran: Compatibility has to do with everything. Now don't mistake compatibility as meaning that my fiance and I see everything perfectly eye to eye or we agree on everything. That's not compatibility.

    Compatibility is finding things that you like doing together. Finding ways to get along together. Even though you do have your differences and I like to really interpret that as meaning discovering the, say bad characteristics that your intended spouse has and they are going to discover them in you as well and then trying to determine, Okay, is this something I am going to able to live with and if it is then checking out off as Okay it's not going to become an incompatibility issue with me because I am aware of those differences right now.

    But compatibility really has to do with everything that we want to do in moving this relationship ahead into marriage and whenever I do a wedding I always like to cast the vision of 50 years from today when you are sitting in your rocking chairs, holding hands and maybe squeaking out to each other, you know what it's really been a fun ride. That's what compatibility is all about.