Is it important to consider the possible market for a book?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Publisher James Frey discusses whether it is important to consider the possible market for your book.

    Host: Is it important to consider the possible market for a book?

    James Frey: Yes, it is. As you will hear later in the interview the book business as well as the book sales business is a very competitive market place. Everybody is familiar with people like John Grisham and Mark Twain and depending on the content of a book that may have applicability to a broad readership throughout the United States and the world. But you have to understand if you are a first time author; nobody knows you like John Grisham and guess what, John Grisham was not known when he published his first book. But he became well known and just about every book that he writes becomes a bestseller.

    The market place today for books is probably defined in two main areas of commerce one is the internet market place where books are available for purchase online and the other is through distributors and booksellers - the Barns & Noble, Borders' book stores, Walden Books and people like that. So, there is a broader book market place but as you will hear, please be aware that it is hard for a first time author or an unknown author to get broad exposure to the literary market place in the retail sector.