Is it important to network when I’m not job hunting?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Louise Kursmark talks about the importance of networking when you are not looking for a job.

    Host: Is it important to network when I am not job hunting?

    Louise Kursmark: It s absolutely important because that is the foundation of your professional success. People you know are always a better resource for you than people you do not know. When you are looking for a job, when you are looking for some career information, when you are looking for a good supplier or resource, you want to able to go to people you know and trust, get their recommendations and use that information to give yourself an advantage instead of just being out there looking like everybody else.

    A really key component to networking that a lot of people do not get is that, it s not all about you. It needs to be that you are focused on, How can I help? Then, the help will come back to you. If you always go forward with the message, with the thought, This is somebody I know and like, what can I do for them? and then in exchange, they are going to do something for you. You have a much better interaction with people, much better results when you ask for a favor and a much better relationship.