Is my chances less if I apply during round 3 or later?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses if you chances less if you apply during round three or later.

    Host: Is my chances less if I apply during round three or later?

    David Petersam: The short answer is, yes. It is just statistically significant, it is a little bit harder to apply in round three and gain admission than if you applied earlier. In each year, we see this, when we review our proprietary database and we look at the decisions our clients received and then we look at their career progression, their GMAT score and their other application factors. There are two main reasons for having a slightly lower chance in round three or later. Number one, you are not competing for as many open spots as what were available earlier. Number two, you have to convince the school that you really want to attend their program and you are a match made in heaven. If you apply late, some admissions officers will think you are only applying there because you already received the rejection from another school.