Is the SAT just like the PSAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, compares the SAT and PSAT and explains the differences.

    Host: Is the SAT just like the PSAT?

    Laura Rheinauer: The PSAT or Preliminary SAT is often taken by sophomores, tenth graders or juniors, eleventh graders in the fall of that year. It's very similar to the SAT and that's why it's called the Preliminary SAT. It measures a lot of those same critical thinking, reasoning and analytical skills that are assessed in the SAT. However, there are a few differences. The PSAT only has five sections whereas the SAT is much longer and has ten sections. The PSAT also does not cover all the math that's on the SAT. Now your PSAT scores though are a pretty good indicator of how you will fare on the SAT. So I do encourage you to take the PSAT not only for the practice to get you exposed to the types of questions that are on the SAT, but to give you that baseline indicator of how you will ultimately do on the SAT.