Is there a central database of registered sex offenders?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy McBride from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children discusses a central database of registered sex offenders.

    Host: Is there a central database of registered sex offenders?

    Nancy McBride: There is a central database and we mentioned it. It is the National Sex Offenders Public Registry, nsopr.

    gov but in each State, there is also a Sex Offender Registry and if you are unsure that as a parent or guardian how to access that information, simply do a search, put your State, two initials in for example, Florida, FL and type sex offenders and that will take you to your State supported sex offender site where you can view information about registered sex offenders, you could generally found out where they live. Different States have different criteria, you may be able to find out the type of crime they have committed, what sort of supervision they are on and certainly what requirements they have to report if they change their location or if something changes in their life and this is the good opportunity for you as a parent or guardian if you know there is a registered sex offender living in your community and you think something is going on with that person that just is not right, tell the appropriate Law Enforcement Office about it, they want to know about these types of tips.

    So, do not be afraid to make that call. It is very important that we keep track of the sex offenders because in this country, we know there are over 600, 000 registered sex offenders. We also know that nearly a 100,000 are missing or not where they are supposed to be, they are called non-complaint sex offenders. So, if you ever have information about an individual on the sex offender registry, please share that with the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.