Is there a set way of behaving at a musical audition?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Voice Instructor Jennifer Rutherford discusses how to behave on an audition, including being polite and respectful.

    Host: Is there a set a way of behaving at a musical audition?

    Jennifer Rutherford: Well it depends upon the setting. Sometimes you will go to an audition you can't even see the judges because you are on a stage and the lights are shining in your eyes. At an audition such as American Idol for instance you can see them very well and it is a very intimate setting. But in either case, I would just come in, introduce myself, nice and clearly, tell what song I am going to sing and who it's by and then just begin. Don't interrupt them if they want to talk to you and if you have any questions feel to ask, they will answer those questions. If you have been rejected, if you feel rejected, do not take it personally, a lot of people don't not get a part just because they are too short or too tall. So if you get upset, it doesnt really help to vent at that time. We have all seen the audition rejects on American Idol, they get the best TV coverage because they have said all these bleeping words and it is just so unseemly. I think it is always best to be respectful, be polite, be on your best you behavior.