Is there an etiquette I should follow while on a date?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gloria MacDonald gives advice on dating etiquette.

    Gloria MacDonald

    Gloria MacDonald is the founder and President of Perfect Partners, The Personal Relationship Executive Search Firm, a highly successful, personalized matchmaking service. Gloria has interviewed hundreds and hundreds of single men and women and has introduced over 1500 couples. She is an expert in the field of dating and relationships, having appeared on a variety of TV and radio shows. She’s the co-author of the highly acclaimed book Laws of the Jungle: Dating for Women Over 40. She believes, and has seen through her work, that there is a perfect partner for anyone of us who truly desires to find that relationship, believes they can have it, and are willing to accept it. Gloria is an engaging and dynamic speaker and trainer who changes lives. Testimonials from people who have attended Gloria’s seminars: “Gloria uses her exceptional knowledge of real world dating and her unique and exciting style to inspire women to not give up. Truly a wonderful presenter. I would highly recommend anything she does now and in the future.” “This is the information single women and men have been waiting for.” “A truly engaging seminar. You are obviously an expert on the topic. Your knowledge, compassion, sensitivity and forthrightness was spiced with humour to create a clean and practical approach to relationship success.” “Attending your seminar has truly been an inspiration. YOU ARE AN AMAZING TRAINER!”

    Host: Should I set goals for myself on the first date?

    Gloria MacDonald: You might want to set a very simple goal for yourself on the first date. Again, particularly for women, do not go into this thinking, This might be the one, this might be the man of my dreams, instead think, Okay, my goal is to find out three things about this person. I highly recommend that one of those three things is, make sure you come away from that meeting knowing the color of the persons eyes that you just met. That way, you are sure you are making eye-contact with the person. You might set another goal to find out something interesting and unique about that person, maybe some hobby or activity that they love. Maybe what they do for a living and three, to find out something personal about them in terms of maybe where they were born or where they grew up or do they have any children.

    So just set three simple goals for yourself. Make sure that one of them is knowing what color the other persons eyes are. Dont try to get an entire life story out of this person, just try to let the conversation flow and if there is one thing I can highly recommend to you, it is to try, dont try but be interested in the person rather than trying so hard to be interesting.

    If you are genuinely interested in the other person, they are going to respond to that. So in everything you are doing in that first date, try to truly be interested in that person.