Is there another kind of passion related to being an entrepreneur?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Business expert David Krauskopf discusses other kinds of passion related to being an entrepreneur.

    Host: Is there another kind of passion related to being an entrepreneur?

    David Krauskopf: The other type of passion is when you have a strong desire to go out and to actually create a business to be in control of all of those aspects, to be a 100% responsible for your success or failure, to have to go out and plan your day on your own and to be basically in control of your own destiny. I was basically this type of entrepreneur. I wanted to go out and start a business and I didn't even know what kind of business I wanted to start. So I found something, I decided to try it and I failed. I lost $20,000 and six months time and I failed but what I realized in that experiment and the process was I like the idea of trying to put together these pieces and figure out how it works and I learned a lot from that experience and so I want to do it again, but what I learned even more so is that I didn't have in that business a strong enough passion or the subject matter about what I was dealing with and so when I went out to start my second business, I actually try to go out and seek a business where I had much more of a love for the subject matter and that helped me have the perseverance to get through the difficult times of starting it up and making it go.