Is there anything parents can do to check out the people who are supervising their child?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy McBride from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children discusses what parents can do to check out the people who are supervising their child.

    Host: Is there anything parents can do to checkout the people who are supervising their child?

    Nancy McBride: We talked about the fact that many times the perpetration is committed by somebody, the child or the family knows. Therefore it is important that parents and guardians do their due diligence and check out people who are in the supervisory role with their kids, whether that is softball coach or whether it is Boy Scout leader, whether it is the person in the After School program. We are so fortunate now to have tools that make it good and available for us to check people out.

    One of the tools that parents and guardians can use is the National Sex Offender Public Registry which is nsopr.

    gov, you can go there you can check out registered sex offenders in your community but you can also check out people who have access to your kids. You can see if they are on the registry, you could do your background on those folks and you can also ask other people, check out there references make sure that your part of whatever this activity is, so that person knows how committed you are to making sure your child is safer and listen to your kids.

    If your kids come homes and says they do not want to go a certain place or they do not want to see a certain person, really investigate that, check it out to see if it is more than a personality issue, it may be your child s way of telling you, there s something going on that is making them feel uncomfortable they just can not come right out and let you know. So, doing a little probing, asking some questions making sure you are involved and using the tools you have available can help safe guard your children.