ISS Virus Scare

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Reports saying that the International Space Station had fallen victim the the Trojan horse Stuxnet virus turned out to be false but that doesn’t mean the orbiting laboratory is not vulnerable.

    False reports saying that the International Space Station is infected with the Stuxnet Virus.  The virus was created by American and Israeli programmers to attack Iranian nuclear reactors to sabotage the country’s uranium program. This Trojan horse virus is manually uploaded via USB drives and spreads through Microsoft Windows networks.  The release of it on Iran was sort of a start a “cyber war” between nations.  But one expert warned that, while Stuxnet-free at the moment, the ISS isn’t fully immune to the deadly computer virus.  Believe or not astronauts do sometimes bring their own USB’s which can carry cyber disease aboard the ISS.