Italian Recipes – Baking Pizzelle Cookies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to bake and finish making Italian Pizzelle Cookies.

    Tom Papoutsis

    Tom Papoutsis is a “Firehouse Chef” that currently holds the rank of Lieutenant with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department. Tom’s experience in the Fire Service spans over 29 years, 19 of which have been with Fairfax County. The bulk of his firehouse culinary expertise has been practiced during his tenure there. He was a national finalist in the 2004 Tabasco Cook & Ladder Competition finishing in the top 10 of the nations Firehouse Chef’s, and traveled to New York City to compete in a cook off with his peers. He has also been placed on the “charity” auction block several times to prepare meals for the highest bidder. Tom likes to specialize in Italian and Greek cuisine being of the same heritage, but also enjoys preparing Asian and of course “Good Ole American” foods as well. He concentrates on entrées but also has a few hors d’oeuvres and dessert specialties as well, such as his versions of Bruschetta and Amaretto Cheesecake. For the past year he has been studying the practice of making homemade Italian deli meats and sausages. Tom’s motto: “It’s just cooking, not rocket science, take a chance… might like it!” Residing in Chambersburg, PA with his wife JoAnn, twins Jonathan & Katie and “Buddy” their Golden Retriever. Tom enjoys cycling, hunting, fishing, woodworking, raising his children and helping form today’s youth while volunteering with son Jonathan’s Cub Scout pack. Tom can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

    Tom Papoutsis: Hi, I am Tom Papoutsis and we are back and making Pizzelles today and today I have with me Tess Molasso(ph), my expert, expert on making Pizzelles. We are ready to start making our Pizzelles, but first we got to have our equipment to do it. This is actually our Pizzelle iron; I have two Pizzelle irons here.

    This is a new version of a Pizzelle iron, as you can see it s nice and pretty in white and kind of brand new looking because only been used once or twice and if we open it up, you can actually see that it has a Teflon-coating on the griddle surfaces, because essentially this is like a waffle iron, this is what it is, it just has a little bit different iron on it. But these are Teflon-coated, so they help with so that the batter doesn t stick.

    Now, we also have Tess s, this is her personal Pizzelle iron, this thing probably has 250 million Pizzelles through it, she said this thing a long time and as you can see, this one is well used. Now, me personally, if I had my choice and I said Okay, which one would I want? this is the one. This one here, if you look at this thing, open it up, nice and hot, that's the way we want it.

    Okay, but you can see how this is black and it looks kind of, it s used, okay but this is what s known as a cured iron. This thing is cured and you don t have to worry about the nonstick, it takes a couple of dozen she tells me, right?

    Tess: Right.

    Tom Papoutsis: A couple of dozen to get it there, so if you buy a now this is what has a polished metal surface, it s not the Teflon, it s actually polished metal, but she has used it for so long that the oils and everything darkens it up and it s kind of like a cast iron skillet if you will. If you use a cast iron skillet and you don t use soap on this, right?

    Tess: NoTom Papoutsis: Never use soap, because the soap takes the oil off, the oil was your nonstick, and that build up -- the black is what actually gives you the flavor and it also helps with the nonstick, right? Okay, so that s a little bit about our irons, now we are ready to start making our Pizzelles, okay and we are going to use Tess s iron and we are going to use her batter here for the original that we are going to make, as we have got two, we have got the original and then I made up a batch of amaretto flavor.

    So, tell us what you are doing here aunt Tes.

    Tess: Well, I don t know about the consistency, it seems a little thin but I am going to try it and see what happens. Now how do I do this? Tom Papoutsis: Can I put this over here? Tess: Yeah.

    Tom Papoutsis: Let s just put it over there, there we go, awesome.

    Tess: A spoonful there& Tom Papoutsis: one spoonful?

    Tess: Right. And another spoonful in the other side if I can keep up that from grouping.

    Tom Papoutsis: Okay and as you can see this isn t like a cake batter, this is a thin batter, kind of eggy in a sense. It s kind of got that consistency.

    Tess: we are going to close the iron and see how long it about a minute& Tom Papoutsis: Okay, about a minute so we are going to take a minute, I am going to go ahead and close this and just press it down.

    Tess: Right. Tom Papoutsis: Okay, hold it, is that a sizzle?

    Tess: Yeah.

    Tom Papoutsis: I hear a sizzle, okay, so give me a fork, right. Let me get you a fork. Okay, so we have got about a minute, right, okay we are about 15 seconds and you are counting, right? You have your she says she counts.

    Tess: I do, I count from one, two.

    Tom Papoutsis: So, if you make three dozen Pizzelles, how many times you count to sixty, three dozen Pizzelles, right? Okay, so we are about 30 seconds.

    Tess: Okay, because of the thin texture, let s check it out.

    Speaker: You want to check it first, okay, so I will flip it, I am going to lift this gently.

    Tess: Well, we could stay just a few minutes more.

    Tom Papoutsis: A few minutes!

    Tess: Seconds.

    Tom Papoutsis: Seconds, okay, I don t think we want to go minutes do we? Here we go, so about, we are about a minute, just about a minute?

    Tess: Yeah. It s okay, because you just get it out.

    Tom Papoutsis: I need to. Tess: I work on that. Tom Papoutsis: Just set it right there for now, I need to get a plate here, I got.

    Tess: Oh that's great; I like the consistency of that.

    Tom Papoutsis: Is that good? Okay, I am going to close that real quick and you could how these are see how they are kind of flexible, if you will& Tess: But they will get brittle, when they get cold. Tom Papoutsis: When they start to cool down, right, okay, so what I am going to do if you hand me that one, I am just going to set these here on the stove for now, is that good?

    Tess: Okay.

    Tom Papoutsis: This is how easy it is folks, all you got to do is make your batter, have a nice hot iron, you are going to go about a minute, so you are going to get about to a minute and just keep going with it until you have all the use your batter up and you got to stack.

    Now, one other thing and we are going to it with these, before we finish up here, but what I have got, I have got to -- this is actually a lemon reamer, okay, but you can see the conical shape to it, we are going to make a cone with it, the other thing we are going to do is we are going to take this glass, we are going to drape it over and we are going to make a ball.

    Now, some things that you can do with these, I think we are done, right? I am sitting here and talking, there we go. Okay, so we are going to take this one, it s the bigger of the two and we are going to just put it right, drape it right over top of there and press it down, right? Okay, press it down, it s hot, it is hot, baby, okay, here we go, okay I am going to give it one ---okay, we are going to set there, let it set and cool and we have got this one and pull that one off. And what I am going to do with this one is I am going to take and I am going to ouch& Tess: It should be bigger.

    Tom Papoutsis: Yeah it should be bigger, but you can get the idea that thing is hot, let me tell you, but you can get the idea where we would actually roll this, you could set it down here and then just roll it and make a cone, so that you could actually I am going to let that sit, just like that because I am going to show you what you can do with that, I got an idea.

    Okay, but if you take this, if you made a roll with it, with a big enough Pizzelle, what you could do is you could actually make an ice-cream cone with this and actually with this, with the thicker it might actually work better, but you can actually make a cone or what you could do is make it like a shell like this and make a some cannoli filling if you will and stuff it with cannoli filling, these, look at that nice little ice-cream ball, if you want to make a full size one, you could make your ball bigger or you could pull like a custard or a moose you could make a chocolate moose and use the amaretto flavoring in your moose and that would make an awesome ball.

    And Tess thank you, it was awesome, I have always wanted this recipe, I finally got the recipe and I had to get her to do this to do it, but thank you very much.

    Tess: My pleasure.

    Tom Papoutsis: And hopefully, these folks out here would be able to take what you have given us and enjoy these Pizzelles.

    Tess: Thank you and thank you for having me.