I’ve never written a book before. What are the major challenges that I will face?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    American Literary Press owner James Frey describes some of the challenges aspiring authors will face when writing a book.

    Host: I have never written a book before. What are the major challenges that I will face?

    Jim Frey: One major challenge we touched on earlier in this video is having the personal dedication and commitment to seeing your project through from beginning to end, keeping that schedule, keeping that dream in your head of why you want to do this and actually executing it. A second challenge that many authors can find is their inclination to thinker with what they have put down on a piece of paper or typed into a computer. We would encourage you to write and keep writing before you do any major revisions, editing, adding, deleting information in your book. The biggest challenge if you want to market your book is the fact that you were an unknown author, you're not a household name like authors that all of us know and if you want to market your book, have the realism to understand that it's going to be a tough arena to break into in the bookselling marketplace, whether it be by internet or booksellers. Fourth, you have to look at various options for publishers and make sure you hook up with a company that meets your needs and requirements as well as you are being comfortable with your programs that help you see your book in print. Many authors will submit manuscripts to all different kinds of publications. The final challenge is the ability to handle rejection. All publishers no matter what variant a publishing may do, reject manuscripts. Don't take that personally. It's your book. You have put a lot of effort into it and given the content that you have that probably is an option available for you to get your book in print.