Jazz Dancing – Chassé

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jazz dance instructor, Roger Bennett Riggle, demonstrates advanced jazz dancing including how to chassé.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are demonstrating Advanced Jazz Dancing. To demonstrate these moves there is one of my advanced jazz dance student here at the Berrend Dance Center, Mackenzie Royce (ph). We are going to demonstrate for you now how to Chasez. Lets do the footwork first. Chasez is accomplished by stepping on one foot, dropping down on the ball of the other foot and stepping back on the first foot. That's what we call step ball change. Mackenzie will do it once more for you. Step ball change and step, ball of the foot, change. Change meaning change weight back to the other leg. Chasez is a step ball change, but we travel with it and sometimes we add some heights to it. So Mackenzie is going to demonstrate how we travel with a Chasez and the arms are in a position meaning that when she goes on the left leg, the right arm will go forward and the left arm will go back. So it's an open movement. So here we go. Chasez, ready, Chasez, it is a French term. And here is one more look at a Chasez with our position arms and Chasez. Coming up next, we are going to demonstrate for you how to Chinez turn.