Jazz Dancing – Stag Leap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jazz dance instructor, Roger Bennett Riggle, demonstrates advanced jazz dancing including how to do a stag leap.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle. Today we are demonstrating advanced Jazz dancing. This is one of my advanced Jazz student here at the Berrend Dance Center Mackenzie Royce (ph). To show you how to really accomplish a Stag Leap, we have chosen to start on the floor. When you are on the floor the dancer can feel how the legs are supposed to be situated when in fact you are up in the air. So it's a good thing to start on the floor and you can see that the front leg is really in pass. That means the leg is bent and the toe really is very much towards the knee of the other leg. Then the back leg we have already really demonstrated for you at the beginning of the video when we did Attitude. The is the leg in Attitude, remember the leg straight back from the hip is Aerobesque and the leg bent on this angle is Attitude and I want you to really notice we pulled her pant back a little bit that this is the foot in turn-out When the foot is in turn-out, it's turned and it's flat to the floor, so that the visual effect to an audience is a totally straight line in the leg and it doesn't have any curves or the heal is not sticking up in the back and this is something that you really need to practice and accomplish with classical ballet training. And notice that her arms are indeed in high-fifth. So we have chosen to do the Stag lift with the arms in high-fifth, so we get a lot of impact when she indeed jumps from the floor. Now we have come up from the floor and Mackenzie will demonstrate how to do the Stag Leap. She starts in fifth position and as she goes into the Stag Leap, her arms will rise to high-fifth to give her a thrust off the floor and you need a lot of power from pli to the jump. So here we go. Here is the Stag Leap, notice the front leg in pass and the back leg is in Attitude. Very nice, notice she lands in fifth position too. Next we will be demonstrating for your how to do a Grapevine step.