Jewelry Gifts – Interchangeable Jewelry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amanda Gizzi with the Jewelry Information Center discusses why interchangeable jewelry is the perfect gift to give a loved one this holiday season.

    Amanda Gizzi: Hi! I'm Amanda Gizzi of Jewelry Information Center. Today we are here to talk about giving a gift of interchangeable jewelry thats holiday season. Jewelry is always a great gift. It's beautiful, timeless and meaningful. If you are not sure, what type of jewelry gift to give, consider interchangeable jewelry.

    Interchangeable or convertible jewelry is something that can be worn in multiple ways. Start by heading to your local jewelry store and ask about their selection. Look for jewelry that will take you from day to evening, like earrings that go from studs to drops or simple to stunning. The studs are classic and can be swapped for pearl studs, or color gemstone studs to give even more versatility.

    Charms are a popular gift to give. They can be added on throughout the year and are 100% personal. However, look for fresh charm styles that can be mixed and matched and swapped out easily at home. It gives you the flexibility to wear the charms in multiple ways depending on your outfit or mood. Two sided jewelry is also a form of interchangeable jewelry, it's the new reversible accessory. Wear a pendant facing one direction one day, and flip it over for a completely different look the next.

    When selecting reversible jewelry, find a piece that has the most adaptability. Lastly, have you ever seen a ring that turns into a bracelet or a bracelet that can turn into a necklace? These gifts not only give styling options, they become a great conversation starter. Remember when selecting any piece of jewelry, the most important step is to shop at a reputable jeweler. Find someone you trust and start your relationship with a jeweler today.