Jewelry Gifts – Stackable Jewelry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amanda Gizzi with the Jewelry Information Center discusses why stackable jewelry is the perfect gift to give a loved one.

    Amanda Gizzi: Hi! I'm Amanda Gizzi of Jewelry Information Center. Today we are here to learn by giving a gift of stackable jewelry can make your life easy and how to wear stackable jewelry like a pro. I know that stacking doesnt come easy for everyone. So I'm here to help you make stacking effortless.

    Think thin! Thin bands and bangles are the easiest to layer. Thick bands should be limited to two, while thinner bands look best with three. Create tradition! Rings are not limited to one per finger. Stack rings on multiple widths on one finger. Embrace midi rings which are thin bands designed to be worn above the knuckle. Pile on pendants. Pendants are the new charm bracelet. Wearing multiple pendants on one chain can make for quick and simple layered look. Just be sure the chain is sturdy enough to support the weigh of the pendants.

    Pick a palette, pick one metal and then mix different textures and widths within that same color palate. Texture will add dimension to the look, go for bi or tricolor gold. One piece of bi or tricolor gold jewelry will act as an anchor allowing you to mix and match all of your metal tones together in one put-together look.

    Cheat if you must. Jewelry designers know that stacking and layering isn't easy for everyone. Many had created rings, pendants and bracelets that give a layered illusion while actually being one single piece. Gifts of stackable jewelry means you can always add on for any gift giving occasion. Wearing stacking jewelry means you can mix and match your look with ease. Head to your local jeweler today and see what's new in stackable jewelry.