Jimmy Fallon’s Wildest Celebrity Stunts on The Tonight Show

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Since Jimmy Fallon has taken over The Tonight Show, he’s convinced celebrities to make total fools out of themselves in the best ways possible — so what are some of the wackiest stunts so far? Relive Jimmy’s lip-sync battles, pumpkin explosions, and more craziness with Hollywood’s biggest stars!

    Becca Frucht: Since taking over The Tonight Show in February Jimmy Fallon has convinced celebrities to do some wild stuff. Today we are breaking down the latest and greatest.

    Tiffany Smith: Just last week Jimmy exploded a pumpkin with Shailene Woodley, he got Stined in his ringtones and then he had a break dance conversation with Brad Pitt.

    Becca Frucht: I really believe that Brad actually did the break dancing, but I will take what I can get, and you know, Jimmy is taking late night to some weird and wonderful places and of course we are getting to see a fun side of our favorite celebrities in a process check it out.

    Let's start with the lip syncing Jimmy's battle the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, John Krasinski, Paul Rudd and a way too good at the game Emma Stone.

    And a came back from more last week taking on box of lies watching celebs like Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence of Lie Detect is a real treat. Jennifer Lawrence: If it's not the truth you are a sociopath.

    Becca Frucht: Kared Leto Jimmy trim his beard, David Beckham took some eggs to the head and Julia Roberts took slow motion balls to the face. Jimmy's invited a host of stars on to this teen top show sketch Ew! And neither was J LO when she joined Jimmy in her tight pants. And music has been a big part of Jimmy's celeb adventures. The class instrument remakes with the boots have gone mega viral and we won't let them go. Okay Tiffany why do you think celebrities let Jimmy Fallon make such fools of them in the like the best way possible?

    Tiffany Smith: I think he is really been building his credibility since late night, but I will say I think some time these actors come on like Julia Robertson and have no idea what's going to happen like baseball.

    Becca Frucht: She didn't know what was coming, but one thing they do know is coming are tons of views I am these get clicked out and go crazy viral. Tiffany Smith: It's true, I totally want to be on Ew!

    Becca Frucht: I'm really committed, I am going to get adult braces.

    Tiffy Smith: Ew! That is so cool.