Job Interview Attire

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion experts David Boris and Brian Joyner discuss what men should wear for a job interview.

    Brian Joyner: I am Brian at, a guys guide to get into life. We are talking about what to wear when, specifically looking at what to wear for a job interview. The thing about a job interview is that you want to make a good impression, you want to make sure that your boss looks at you and says, "Hey, are you a potential boss?" Rather looks at you and says, "Hey, this guy looks professional, he looks the part." Simultaneously, you don't want anything in your wardrobe when your person screaming out at him that you are some kind of crazy guy coming in here with earrings and things of that nature. So what we are going to do is we are going to look at an example of what looks good coming in for job interview.

    So David is wearing a navy-blue pinstripe suit. Now when you think about suits in regards to a job interview, what you want is something muted, something relatively simple, navy, grey, you can probably do an olive or something like that. I will probably stick to navy and grey. The pinstripe is fine, a muted plaid is fine, solid color is fine. David has got the navy suit on, he is wearing a three-button suit. David is wearing a three-button suit here. I would keep it to a single-breasted, double-breasted maybe a little formal for a job interview. Three-piece suit is way out of line, that's way too much. If you are wearing four-buttons, chances are you are getting ready for the MBA draft and this is probably the wrong place for you.

    So David has got a three-button suit on, David is wearing a plaid shirt, a great orange tie with a small pattern, out of proportion to the plaid shirt so they are not competing with one another and neither of the patterns are competing with the stripe and the suit.

    David Boris: Not too bold for an interview, I don't think.

    Brian Joyner: I don't think they want just too bold at all. It gives a little punch, it gives a little color, but it doesn't scream out at anybody and it is in harmony with everything else you are wearing here so that's a good look.

    David Boris: It helps to make you memorable.

    Brian Joyner: Memorable, but not too memorable.

    David Boris: Good point.

    Brian Joyner: You don't want to come to the office as Crusty the clown. You do not want that. So the next thing I am going to point to is David's shoes. David is wearing a great pair of brown shoes that go with the blue suit. Typically, people who are going to look to wear black shoes, brown is a nice alternative, particularly, this color brown is rich. It adds a little bit depth and again, it makes you memorable, but not too memorable. The thing about shoes and suits and things of that nature, your suit and your socks should be the same color, not just shoes and your shoes, that's never okay. I am going to take a step back and we are going to talk about ties in general. I would recommend keeping all ties very muted, simple patterns, small like this one, striped perhaps, I have a solid tie on, great looking color. It doesn't distract from the shirt, it doesn't distract from the suit, it compliments the whole thing. You don't want any one thing again distracting from you, your interview, your resume. You want people to remember for your qualifications and be memorable and professional looking without having someone say, "What in the world was that guy wearing?"

    In regards to shirts, guys are going to get really nervous and will probably opt for white shirt and white shirt is fine. If in doubt, wear a white shirt. You can never go wrong with a white shirt. But you can wear blue. As you can see, David has a little bit of blue here. He has a fairly subtle pattern. You can wear a subtle stripe, that's fine as well. Again, make sure that the stripe or whatever pattern you have on your shirt and whatever pattern you have on your tie do not clash. So if you have a broad striped shirt, you want a smallest patterned tie. Again, same thing with the suit. We talked about the suit a little bit, navy or grey, the pinstripe is fine. I would also recommend possibly a muted plaid, that will work wonderfully as well or you can go with the solid suit, either way, but again, make sure that the look that you present is a professional one.

    I would steer away from -- I know a lot of guys wear jewellery these days and I used to have an earring, but I would not wear an earring to a job interview, I wouldn't wear bracelets, I would keep all of that stuff pretty low key. Beyond a watch and a wedding ring, if you happen to be wearing or you wear a ring, that would be about it. Next we are going to talk about what to wear to a wedding.