John Basedow’s Arm Blaster Close

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates how to do the arm blaster exercise.

    John Basedow: Hi, I am John Basedow and now we are going to end with the Arm Blaster Close. This is one last exercise to really fire up those guns. This is actually a compound exercise where we are going to be combining triceps extensions with concentration curls.

    For triceps extensions you take the weight and you put it behind your head and while using your non-working arm to support your working arm bend at the elbow, bringing the weight close to the base of the neck, then straighten out the arm. Really feeling the movement in your triceps muscle and you want to do this for one set of 10-15 reps. The thing is you are going to want to do it with each arm, so you do also a little bit with this side too.

    Once again, having the non-working arm supporting your body, holding you straight, so that your whole body is upright and you are pivoting only at the elbow bringing the weight back so it almost touches the back of your neck then curling it right up with the triceps. When you finished with that without even a rest period, you are going to go on to concentration curls which is the second half of the Arm Blaster Close.

    Alright, with the concentration curls, you brace your elbow against your inner thigh and you squeeze up, feeling the contraction in those biceps. This is a phenomenal movement for isolating the biceps and also getting those eye-popping cannon ball biceps and you are going to do 10-15 reps.

    Once again curl arm, just like you do with the triceps extensions. Go right on to the other side. Look at those veins you are going to have popping. This is what you are doing it for. You have a good nutrition plan. you do your cardio, you have a low body fat then all the muscle that you have been working so hard to build is going to show and after that last concentration curl, you are done with the Arm Blaster Close exercise and that's finishes up your awesome arms workout and now you can say, welcome to the gun show.