Juggling – 2 Ball Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid juggler David Sangillo demonstrates 2 ball juggling exercises.

    David Sangillo

    David Sangillo of Bethesda, Maryland, is a senior in high school, president of his school’s juggling club, and founder of Out of This World Juggling. He learned to juggle two years ago and since that time has become dedicated to improving his technique and helping others learn the art of juggling. David performs at summer camps and child care centers and at birthday parties. He also teaches children how to juggle during after-school programs. David’s involvement in juggling has led him to be featured in newspapers and the local evening news.

    Hi, I am David Sangillo with Out of This World Juggling and I am showing you how to juggle. Right now, I am going to show you some two balls exercises that will help you when it comes time to juggle three balls. Now, this is where people start to have difficulty and the reason for that is many people will see on cartoons or in drawings people juggling around in a circle like this and they think that this is how you juggle. Then it hurts them in the long run when it comes time to juggle the correct way, because they have to relearn the basics of juggling. So, the correct way of juggling is you start with one ball in each hand and you throw one ball into the air just as we did with exercise one. Now, as soon as the ball reaches its highest point thats when you take the ball in the other hand and throw it over to the hand that threw the first ball. Then catch the first ball, catch the second ball. As you are doing this make sure that the second ball reaches the same height as the first ball, in fact the two balls should be mirror image of each other and should be identical throws only in the opposite directions. Just as you did with one ball make sure that your eyes stay focused at the point where the balls reach their highest point. Also you dont want to juggle inwards or outwards. The balls needs to stay in the two dimensional plane and should not move towards or away from your body, and you definitely shouldnt have to take any steps in order to catch the balls. As soon as you are comfortable doing this in one direction then start with the ball in the other hand. Throw that ball up then when it reaches its highest point throw the ball in the other hand to the hand that threw the first ball. Just like the first exercise only starting with the other hand. Then once you are comfortable with this then you can start alternating. You can start with the right, then with the left. Right left. Then the next step is to take out the pause in between throws and just do it continuously. Right, left, right, left and in fact this is what it will look like if you were juggling three balls and two of them were invisible. So, you can see we are already getting close to juggling three balls. Also its very important that you do this and make sure you never hand one ball to the other hand. As soon as you are comfortable with this, you are ready to move on to three balls.