Juggling – Four Ball Variations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid juggler David Sangillo demonstrates 4 ball juggling variations.

    David Sangillo

    David Sangillo of Bethesda, Maryland, is a senior in high school, president of his school’s juggling club, and founder of Out of This World Juggling. He learned to juggle two years ago and since that time has become dedicated to improving his technique and helping others learn the art of juggling. David performs at summer camps and child care centers and at birthday parties. He also teaches children how to juggle during after-school programs. David’s involvement in juggling has led him to be featured in newspapers and the local evening news.

    Hi, its David Sangillo from Out of this World Juggling and I am showing you how to juggle. Right now I am going to show you some four ball variations and I have already showed you with the four ball basic pattern, how you can have the asynchronized fountain and synchronized fountain. Now, just as you can combine the shower pattern in each hand to make the fountain, you can also combine columns in each hand to make four ball columns like this. So, in order to learn that you just practice the same way you practiced with learning the four ball fountain, practice columns on the side without looking straight at them over here with your eyes pointed forwards and then you combine them. You can also, you can go like this, you can go inside and outside and the way you alternate it by just doing a little bit of shower patterns in between, so one shower throw.

    I am back here, one shower throw and two columns this way and you can also even though with the fountain pattern you dont cross the throws, you certainly can with the half shower, just like you have the three ball half shower you also have the four ball half shower and you can alternate between columns half shower, columns half shower, etcetera having then switch back and forth. You can also do the four ball shower which is slightly more difficult, you have 5551 which is a siteswap.

    The different numbers refer to the different heights you are throwing the balls. The fives are like high three, high throws if you are three balls and the one refers to the horizontal throws and you also have other siteswaps like 7531. Once again where the different numbers refer to the different heights that you throw the balls. Those are slightly more complicated but they are fun to do. So this pretty much concludes the video on how to juggle. Thank you for watching and good luck.