Juggling – Four Balls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid juggler David Sangillo demonstrates how to juggle 4 balls.

    David Sangillo

    David Sangillo of Bethesda, Maryland, is a senior in high school, president of his school’s juggling club, and founder of Out of This World Juggling. He learned to juggle two years ago and since that time has become dedicated to improving his technique and helping others learn the art of juggling. David performs at summer camps and child care centers and at birthday parties. He also teaches children how to juggle during after-school programs. David’s involvement in juggling has led him to be featured in newspapers and the local evening news.

    Hi, I am Davis Sangillo from Out of This World Juggling and I am showing you how to juggle. Right now I am going to teach you how to juggle four balls in the basic pattern called the four ball fountain. Now, the mistake that many people make when learning to juggle four is that they think that the balls cross even though they dont. I will help demonstrate that point by juggling red balls in my right hand, white in my left. Notice how each side is simply doing two ball shower. You are just combining the two hands. So, even if you are able to juggle two balls in one hand, you still want to practice making sure that it is on the side so that you have room for the other two. Mistakes that people often have is they will bring their hands too close and they will collide, or they will start to move them out and then they wont be able to see the balls anymore. So, practice keeping it in around at your shoulder, in line with your shoulder and also your cant stare at the two balls when you are juggling four balls, because then you neglect the balls in this hand. So, you want to find a good median between the two sides and you want to just sort of forward and I guess focus on the balls with your peripheral vision. Do the same with your left hand and then play it together. If you have two different colors of balls that often helps, so that you know not to switch hands. Now, the next step is you want to just start with four throws, this is called a four ball flash where you throw and catch each ball once. So, just go like this. Alternate those one, two, three, four one, two, three, four and try to fix as if you are making a sloppy if there is especially at the second time, make sure they stay in line with the shoulders. As soon as you are able to do this without too much difficulty you can move on to six throws one, two, three, four, five, six and on to eight, etcetera until you can do a continuous four ball fountain. The other kind of basic throw when juggling four balls is called the synchronized fountain what I showed you was the asynchronized fountain, because they were being thrown at different times, but this is the synchronized fountain where they are being thrown at the same time, so in a way this is actually sort of easier than the asynchronized fountain. So, just same thing practice with four throws, six and move it up until you are able to do it continuously. You can also switch in between from synchronized to asynchronized, just by throwing one side slightly higher or the other side slightly faster and switch back and forth. Next I am going to show you some four ball variations.