Juggling – Multiplexing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid juggler David Sangillo demonstrates multiplexing.

    David Sangillo

    David Sangillo of Bethesda, Maryland, is a senior in high school, president of his school’s juggling club, and founder of Out of This World Juggling. He learned to juggle two years ago and since that time has become dedicated to improving his technique and helping others learn the art of juggling. David performs at summer camps and child care centers and at birthday parties. He also teaches children how to juggle during after-school programs. David’s involvement in juggling has led him to be featured in newspapers and the local evening news.

    Hi, its David Sangillo from Out of This World Juggling and I am showing to juggle. Right now, I am going to show you a trick thats not very difficult but it looks like kind of cool called multiplexes, where you throw with more than one ball from one hand. Now the way you do this is you catch two balls in one hand just as if you were starting to end the pattern. However once you get here, then you throw this ball from this hand and well thats in the air, you throw both of these balls up and catch them with different hands and go back into juggling. Its not too hard the balls naturally separate. So, you dont have to do anything special with your hand to make them do that. They will do it on their own. Well, there is pretty much all there is to that. You can also multiplex three from one hand like this, thats a good impressive way to start juggling three balls and the way you want to hold your hand is you want to have one ball, the ball in the middle closer to your thumb and the other two balls further out to the side of your hand, and that way it will line the balls up nicely when it comes time to juggle it. So, when you do this you need to flick your wrist otherwise they will just fall like that and you wont be able to catch them, they wont space out.

    So, flick your wrist they will space out and you can resume right into juggling and the balls will just come down where you want them to, if your hand is holding them in the right position. You also want to make sure that you are flicking up and not out. So, thats one way you can make sure you are doing that correctly is by starting with your hand pretty much a little below your shoulder. You dont want to start down here; you dont want to start up here. You can also for extra effects multiplex underneath your leg, or behind your back. And thats pretty much all there is to multiplexing. Next I am going to show you claws.