Juggling – Two Balls in One Hand

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Avid juggler David Sangillo demonstrates how to juggle two balls in one hand.

    David Sangillo

    David Sangillo of Bethesda, Maryland, is a senior in high school, president of his school’s juggling club, and founder of Out of This World Juggling. He learned to juggle two years ago and since that time has become dedicated to improving his technique and helping others learn the art of juggling. David performs at summer camps and child care centers and at birthday parties. He also teaches children how to juggle during after-school programs. David’s involvement in juggling has led him to be featured in newspapers and the local evening news.

    Hi, its David Sangillo with Out of This World Juggling and I am showing you how to juggle. Right now I am going to show you how to juggle two balls in one hand. Now there are two different ways you can do this. One way is called the shower pattern, where they are sort of going around both in an elongated circle and then you have columns, where each is being thrown straight up and you have to move your hand back and forth in order to keep it going. Alright, so first of all I am going to show you how to do the shower pattern and you will notice that the throws are different there if you were doing through your hands instead of crossing you want to do it straight up and slightly to the side. The reason why I say slightly to the side is because the balls are going to be passing each other and if you throw it straight up, then they are going to collide in midair. So, you want to have your hand in line with your shoulder and just practice throwing one ball for now and after you have done this for few times you are feeling pretty good about it try it with two balls. Now, just like when we were learning how to juggle three you wait until the first ball is at its highest point thats when you throw the second ball in the same direction you threw the first. So, just throw it twice like this one, two and practice this a few times. Then move on to three catches, four catches and then just do it continuously. Make sure you are able to do two catches pretty easily before you move on to three, three catches pretty easily before you move on to four, etcetera. So yeah, thats the shower. The column is like this, its maybe about as difficult maybe a little more difficult to learn, just practice keeping the throw straight and being able to move your hand between the two different spots. Once again you can practice first with just two throws, with three throws, etcetera. Now, you can also combine one handed juggling with two handed juggling and the way you will do that, is you start by juggling three balls and then instead of throwing one of the balls across to the other hand you just throw it straight up and then go straight into a shower pattern or into a columns pattern. Now to go back into three balls juggling with both hands you just throw one of the balls across to the other hand like a normal three ball cascade throw. Its also good to learn these same moves with the other hand, so that you dont become a lopsided juggler. You can also practice going between shower, columns, shower etcetera, alright. Well, next I am going to show you how to do columns with three balls.