Juicing Apples

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Registered Dietitian Linda Quinn from the New York Apples Association demonstrates how to use your juicer to create two great recipes for healthy all natural juices featuring apples.

    Linda Quinn: Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? If not, juicing may be for you. I am Linda Quinn, registered dietitian with New York Apples.

    Many people are juicing as a way to get more nutrition and improve their health. Since fruit and vegetables are the main ingredients, you are adding vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients to your daily diet.

    There are many recipes and techniques, you can never go wrong by adding apples to the mix. Apples are just naturally sweet and packed with fiber and other nutrients. If you use a whole food blender, you will also benefit from the nutrients in the skin and pulp. It makes for a thicker juice and you retain the essential fiber and a larger percentage of anticancer, antioxidants.

    So gentleman, start your engines and let start juicing. Here is a tasty juice that packs a nutritional punch. Take two New York green apples, four stocks of celery, one cucumber, six leaves of kale, half a lemon and a small piece of fresh ginger. Blend them at your highest setting and enjoy this beautiful green juice.

    For fruity your take on fresh juice try using two cups of red raspberries, three carrots, two red apples, blend on high and pour and enjoy.

    For optimal nutrition, drink the juice soon after blending. Start your day with an energetic lift of juice made with delicious and nutritious apples.