Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bryan Davis and Rob Carson show how to make delicious jumbo lump crab cakes with aioli.

    Rob Carson: Today, we are making Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with aioli. Let's get started.

    Chef Bryan Davis: Okay. What we are going to do, we are going to take our crab meat.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Chef Bryan Davis: Okay? Jumbo lump, we've had it sitting in a strainer to drain to untangle it, and get the excess moisture out of it. What you want to do is kind of pick through to see if there is any cartilage, or shell pieces, or shell fragments. So we just lightly pick through it. If you don't feel anything, then we are ready to roll it.

    So next, we are going to make our sauce. We are going to take our mayonnaise, we are going to take our Old Bay, our Dijon mustard, lemon juice.

    Rob Carson: Our secret ingredient.

    Chef Bryan Davis: And the Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette. Okay?

    Rob Carson: YesChef Bryan Davis: So, what we are going to do next is we are going to take our egg, and we are going to add the egg directly to the crab meat. I am a big fan of using my hands.

    Rob Carson: Go for it.

    Chef Bryan Davis: So, I get in and I get it all mixed around with my hands. It just makes it a lot easier to keep the lumps jumbo. Now, we're going to take the sauce and we're just going to start slowly --Rob Carson: And you have added about half of what you have in that bowl.

    Chef Bryan Davis: About half of what I have made yet.

    Rob Carson: Okay, All right!

    Chef Bryan Davis: I am just going to mix this together.

    Rob Carson: Oh man! I can imagine this is going to be really, really flavorful.

    Chef Bryan Davis: Now, we are going to add our breadcrumb. We are going to do it in a couple of different additions just so we can watch it coming together. I am going to add a little bit more breadcrumb.

    Rob Carson: Okay. So now you've got all the breadcrumbs you needed in there, you've got all your ingredients. We are ready to throw them on the stove. How big are we going to make these things?

    Chef Bryan Davis: Well, I like to make them little appetizers.

    Rob Carson: Okay a little disc, a little bit bigger than a quarter.

    Chef Bryan Davis: Yeah. You can go that route. You can also go three to four ounces. I wouldn't go much bigger than three to four ounces, just because they get a lot harder to handle when you pan-sear them.

    Rob Carson: Sure, absolutely! So, we have the crab cakes brown lightly on either side. We used the vegetable oil and clarified butter because?

    Chef Bryan Davis: High heat point. We want high heat to brown these. We don't want the oil to be absorbed in the crab cakes. We want them to sear the crab cakes.

    Rob Carson: Yeah. Well, let's head to the oven. And how long are they going to be in the oven before they are done?

    Chef Bryan Davis: About 8-10 minutes.

    Rob Carson: What we are going to do is we are going to serve an aioli with the crab cakes when we get them out. Tell us exactly what an aioli is?

    Chef Bryan Davis: Aioli is a mayonnaise base sauce.

    Rob Carson: Okay.

    Chef Bryan Davis: So, what we are going to start with is the leftover dressing that we used for our crab cakes. We are going to use that as our base and just add a couple of ingredients to it to turn it into an aioli.

    Rob Carson: Yup.

    Chef Bryan Davis: So we are going to add sour cream, that same mayonnaise, lemon juice.

    Rob Carson: Excellent!

    Chef Bryan Davis: We are going to start with about half-a-tablespoon. I am going to add a little bit of the Adobo sauce from Chipotle.

    Rob Carson: A little less than a little teaspoon there.

    Chef Bryan Davis: Yes. And you can add as much or as little as you want. Basically, all that I am looking when put this together for is that a little bit of smoke flavor coming out.

    Rob Carson: I love it! Our crab cakes have been in the oven for about 8-10 minutes and they are ready to come out.

    Chef Bryan Davis: Yes, they are!

    Rob Carson: All right!

    Chef Bryan Davis: I am going to take our crab cake right on the plate there, take the aioli. And basically, you can always serve a little bit more on the side, you just kind of want it so it's going to just start fall over that.

    Rob Carson: Yeah, it will look pretty that way.

    Chef Bryan Davis: A little bit of tomato for some color. Put that right on top. Then we are going to add some chives to it. And then we are going to finish it with a little green onion flower.

    Rob Carson: There you go guys! Some very nice jumbo lump crab cakes with aioli. It will be awesome!