June Gardening Tips – Summer Care of Annuals

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horticulturist Mitch Baker shares some tips on caring for summer annuals in June.

    Mitch Baker: Hi! I am Mitch Baker with American Plants. We are talking about great gardening tips for June.

    We are going to remove these and replace them with some flowering summer annuals and then we'll talk about the care of the annuals for summer.

    So, I've removed a little bit of the old soil. We are going to freshen that up with some new organic potting soil. So we have a selection of the annuals here that will bring the three design elements into play, something vertical, something intermediate and something cascading, and that's what we are trying to accomplish in a container like this for interest.

    So we'll start with our vertical element. This is a Angel Wing Begonia then a Lobelia. This will be our, one of our cascading elements. We are loosening up the roots a little as we take this from the container. We want to promote good root development.

    Next, I am going to use this variegated leaf Duranta. So, this is not a flowering plant. This is really just appreciated for the colorful foliage, and in a collection of shade plants like this, this is a good way to add a bright spot to the container.

    Our last plant is a reliable Impatiens. Now, this is one of the newer forms of impatiens which has a slight trailing habit. So a little smaller blossom than you maybe used to but really interesting habit. So, we now have the upright or vertical element and a couple of different cascading elements, but they will also provide some of that intermediate interesting color that we are looking for.

    So, here we have our summer annuals potted up. We are going to start now that we have potted them up, giving them that first application of fertilizer. I am using a general purpose organic, granular fertilizer, and this is something you want to use every four weeks right through the season to get maximum results. We've applied the fertilizer. Now, we want to make sure we water the fertilizer in well and then regular watering. Pots like this may need to be watered daily. So, don't let them get too dry, but, don't led them to death by over watering either.

    So, I hope these June gardening tips will help keep your lawn and garden looking great here at the beginning of the summer.