Jupiter and Saturn are True Diamonds

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Scientists say that, like Neptune and Uranus, planets Jupiter and Saturn too have diamond cores.

    A team from the California Specialty Engineering and the University of Wisconsin Madison, say that Jupiter and Saturn could contain solid diamonds in their core.  That’s my kind of planet.  And deeper in the core they say are liquid diamonds because the temperatures would be so high they would melt.  Scientists had previously linked diamond cores to Uranus and Neptune but this is the first time their two neighbors have been thought to have the same.  How does this happen?  Methane in the planets’ atmosphere turns to soot in storms, starts to sink during which it turns into graphite--a form of carbon, then as the graphite continues the journey to the center of the planet, the growing pressure and temperature squeeze and heat them into specks of diamonds floating in a sea of helium and hydrogen. While we’d like to go mine them, yes I’m all for it, they say not to get ahead of ourselves.  The diamonds in space might look a little different than on Earth.