Kayak – How To Paddle Sideways

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kayak instructor Mike Aronoff demonstrates the basics of paddling sideways.

    Mike Aronoff

    Mike is an American Canoe Association highest level Instructor Trainer Educator in both Coastal and River Kayaking as well as WW Canoe. He is also a British canoe Union Coach with the 4 Star award in Sea Kayak. He is the Chairman of the Coastal Kayak Committee of the USA and on the ACA Safety Education and Instruction Committee. Mike has co authored a number of books on paddling and wrote the ACA Kayak Trip Leading Course. He is a guest instructor in many parts of the US for various programs. He is the owner/general manager of Canoe Kayak and Paddle Co. LLC, a northern Virginia based paddling school and outfitter with an Annapolis, MD branch. Mike is also a registered Idaho Guide and leads trips there and locally. He is most active in certifying ACA paddling instructors in sea and river kayaking.

    This is Mike Aranoff with the Canoe Kayak and Paddle Company. Most of the time when you are in a touring kayak, you are going to be doing forward or you going to be going backwards.

    Sometimes you want to be going sideways, maybe you want to go sideways because your buddy has got the oreos and you want to go get them, maybe you want to go sideways to pull up to a peer. Here is how you do that. You start off, sit up and then wind up or rotate your torso, place the paddle off your hip, draw, stop slice the blade up, draw, let s called a draw stroke, with an in-water recovery and that s one of the draw family.

    Rotate, draw, stop. Key is that this is simply a fulcrum lever. You are going to rotate your top hand this is your fulcrum, the paddle shaft is the lever. Your top hand remains loose, you pull the paddle towards you -- you are actually pulling your hip towards the kayak blade.

    You stop before you get to the kayak, your top hand is loose, you twist the blade out, slice it away in the water, so on top of the water it looks like this sliced out, stop, sliced out. That s a draw stroke with an in-water recovery.