Kayaking – Basic Gear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    L.L.Bean kayaking expert and registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide Kevin Hinds goes over the basic kayaking gear.

    Kevin Hinds: Hello! I am Kevin Hinds and I am a Maine Registered Sea Kayak Guide and an instructor here at L.

    L Bean's Outdoor Discovery School.

    I am going to talk a little bit about some of the pieces of equipment you need to go kayaking recreationally.

    First is the kayak, next off is the paddle. Always wear not only a cape but wear a life vest with you, every time you go out and learn how to properly fit it, which is a snug fit around your body.

    So typically, with recreational kayaking, they are wide, stable boats meant for those protected lakes, ponds, rivers, with almost no current and no wind, and they are very stable and fun to use. Once in a while though, you may go over and in that event, you want to carry a paddle float and a pump with you because it could help you do a self rescue.

    Another piece of equipment we like to bring is a first-aid kit, always a great idea. Just a nice basic one for paddling, should have some bandaging supplies, different size band-aids, some antiseptic and also some tape. And also make sure to put it in a dry bag to protect that and keep it watertight.

    So that's some of the basic paddling here that we bring with us every time we go kayaking.