Kayaking Mangrove Tunnels in Florida

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Terry Tomalin finds the perfect place to learn about Florida’s ecology– kayaking through mangrove tunnels.

    Terry Tomalin: This is the ideal place to take somebody who has no experience and really get him turned on to all the great things that Florida has to offer. It's just clean, fresh, great place to paddle.

    Joe Lain: I like being deep in the mangrove tunnel with oysters all along the bottom of them. It is fascinating, a lot of current runs in and out of the tunnels as well. It's beautiful!

    Daniel Sapuppo: With the mangrove tunnels you can spend a few hours back their alone, we have private beaches, you know, where you can do a picnic, really anything you are looking to do on the water, this is a perfect spot.

    Terry Tomalin: I think my blood pressure has dropped 10 points, and that's the beauty of these kind of trips. There is nothing like kayaking because it's quite, you can get right up on the wild life, you just can't beat it.